A Formula for Tissue Paper Poms: Large, Medium, and Small

I was so excited to find this formula for making tissue paper poms from {A Midwest Girl Makes Do} I just had to share it!

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New twist on tradition

If you are planning a wedding or event you’ll want to read this.

New twist on tradition

Fashions change in bouquets as well as gowns

By Susan Ramsey, Special to Times Colonist January 22, 2011
Wedding trends change from year to year based on what is going on in the fashion and interior design worlds. Certain colours go in and out of vogue, bouquet styles change, even the shape of the reception tables read modern or dated. Sometimes the whole planning process can feel like a puzzle that is impossible to unravel.

Read the Full article HERE New twist on tradition.

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Church Aisle Decorations DO DOUBLE DUTY as Centerpieces

Your wedding flowers can be stylish without spending a fortune.

If you like the idea of hanging flowers from the wedding aisles but are worried you can’t afford it, you might like these new vases from CathysWraps. The containers adapt to hang flowers for outdoor garden weddings or indoor church weddings from chair backs, to shepherds hooks to church pews before being repurposed as reception centerpieces.

Post-ceremony flowers in CathysWraps watertight vases may DO DOUBLE DUTY as centerpieces. Ask a friend to transport the buckets to the reception for use on the cocktail tables, the bar area, powder rooms, entryways, cake tables, etc.

At the end of the day, give the flowers to special guests or have a friend to drop them off at a local nursing home or hospital and continue to spread joy and love from your special day.

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Katy’s Daisies at The Seattle Wedding Show

Katy has a talent for designing charming elegant wedding flowers and is introducing a new idea for DIY Wedding Flowers. If you have family and friends that want to help with your wedding flowers, DIY Wedding flowers might be for you. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like help selecting and ordering flowers, getting  advice on designs and floral arranging tips, ask Katy about her DIY Wedding Flower Packages.

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Visit Katy’s Daisies at the Seattle Wedding Show, January 16th and 17th at Booth 1431

Come to the Seattle Wedding show and stop by Katy’s Daisies, Booth 1431. See Katy’s fabulous new ideas for unique wedding flowers. Pick her brain about DIY Wedding Flowers and ask how you can create stylish arrangements. Perhaps all you need is help selecting and ordering flowers or maybe you’d like her to handle it all. She’s flexible, willing to help and very talented.

Put your name in the hat to win one of Katy’s fabulous floral designs and mention WeddingWire or CathysWraps to receive a complimentary CathysWraps vase to take home and enjoy.

Visit Katy’s Daisies at the Seattle Wedding Show, January 16th and 17th at Booth 1431

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diy garden wedding flowers

Laura and Shawn sent this sweet photo of their wedding ceremony. Florist, Frances Monroe of Floral Arts in Fayetteville, NC, provided the hydrangeas and her mother, Susan, put them together when they got to the garden. “We did very little decorating at the garden, because it was already so beautiful with the plants blooming there.”

To recreate this look: Follow the instructions for making a floral frog in my last post. Cut hydrangeas to approximately 4-6 inches and make a 1 inch slit in the stem to aid water absorbtion. Add greens and arrange.

Smaller hydrangeas work best. If you can’t find smaller stems, separate large stems into small bunches. Using extra stem pieces, support the smaller flowers by wrapping together with floral tape before inserting into foam.

Photo’s courtesy of Tina Maloch of ArtForYou.

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How to make a floral frog to create simple bouquets

I love this old floral trick. Cut floral tape (any sticky tape will do) and adhere to lid of your container in a crisscross pattern. The flowers will stay put as you arrange your bouquet. Just add a decorative wrap and your done! Try it and send me a picture. Find a variety of colors and patterns at cathyswraps.com

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