Magnolia Holiday Open House

Katy’s Daisies celebrated their first Holiday Open House in Magnolia Village by inviting any and all to make holiday centerpieces. You can tell by the smiles. . . it was a delightful evening!

Katy and her daughter Elizabeth taught “Holiday Centerpieces 101” turning fresh greens and red and white carnations into sweet little centerpieces.


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How to Make Easy Centerpieces, Hostess Gifts and Party Favors for the Holidays

IMG_4350 600px 72dpi

Are you looking for simple cost-conscious decorating idea’s for the Holidays?

Here are two fun frugal ideas to decorate your home for Christmas. Dress up a plant or tiny tree with a little pot and decorative wrap from CathysWraps. Add a coordinating tag and you have a super-easy hostess gift. Mix and match in REVERSIBLE Water Resistant Sleeves! This Red Kalanchoe and Ivy Topiary came from a local nursery and were simply re-potted into a Pot from CathysWraps. Choose from the Red & White Polka Dot Pattern or our original Floral Print and fold the sleeves together. Add a coordinating gift tag and nestle in the pot for a simple stylish Homemade Hostess Gift or Holiday Party Centerpieces. Order your CathysWraps from our Etsy Store HERE. Colors: Red, Green, Black & White, Soft Pink and Hydrangea Blue.

How to Be Entertaining on a budget.

Simple and Easy Holiday Decorations you Won’t Find at Micheal’s Stores, from CathysWraps LLC.

What You’ll NEED:
A 4 inch potted plant from your local nursery or grocery store.
One CathysWraps pot, one Decorative Sleeve and one gift tag. Available HERE at my Etsy Store.
The moss is optional.

CathysWraps Frugal Christmas Decorating Ideas


Re-pot a 4 inch holiday plant or mini tree into CathysWraps Pot, just drop it in. Fold CathysWraps Decorative Sleeve together, add a gift tag and nestle in your 4 inch holiday plant. If you prefer fresh flowers, make a little Mussie Tussie Bouquet, tie off with a string or a rubber band, trim stems short and add water. Note: Our wraps are water resistant but it’s best to keep them dry.

What do you all think, would you give these as hostess gifts?

IMG_4348 600px 72dpi

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Stiletto Woman Magazine, highlighting 50 of the most amazing women on the web for 2009.

Stiletto Woman Magazine is excited to inform you that the RESULTS are IN! These ladies exhibit leadership, perserverence, strength, knowledge, and so much more! Check out who made the TOP 50! Congratulations!

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Make a Simple Pumpkin Centerpiece or Hostess Gift

Pumpkin Blog entry

This sweet little Fall Centerpiece was super easy and inexpensive to make. I found the Black Pansies on sale at Fred Meyer for .99 cents and pumpkins for .28 cents a pound. Just cut, scoop and plant.

Before the pansy turns into a pumpkin, plant it in the yard to enjoy next Spring.

You could also get a large Cinderella Pumpkin, scoop out the seeds, add a block of saturated floral foam and arrange fresh flowers and greens. We made these centerpieces for the Katie McKay benefit luncheon and they were amazing. The greens were gathered from our yards so the only expensive were the flowers and the pumpkins. The best deals for fall flowers and pumpkins were found at Trader Joe’s.

pumpkin flowers 600

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How to hang wedding flowers from church pews with Doey’s pew clips

Maximize your bridal budget with wedding flowers that transform from wedding aisle décor to reception centerpieces. CathysWraps Vases and Doeys’ Church Pew Clips create dual purpose floral arrangements that can be repurposed as reception centerpieces.

CathysWraps Vases & Doey's Pew CLip

Erin did, proving she is as smart as she is beautiful! She wanted practical cost effective wedding decorations so, we designed her wedding flowers to do double duty as wedding aisle decorations one minute and reception table centerpieces the next.

We sought advice from my local florist Katy Breen, owner of Katy’s Daisies in Seattle. Katy helped Erin select and order the flowers. The wedding was in a small town in Oregon, so I made fresh cuts to the stems and refrigerated them overnight before placing them in buckets of water and driving 4 hours to her parents home where it was up her aunts, cousins, mother and grandmother and I to make the flower arrangements. None of us have any floral experience and Erin took a great Leap of Faith letting in us. Thank you Erin!

The day before her wedding we had fun visiting with one another while making up the flower arrangements. Each one is just a bit different and each was made with love.

We refrigerated the floral arrangements overnight and on the day of the wedding, did the last minute assembly at the church, adding CathysWraps Decorative Wraps and Doey’s Church Pew Clips while my husband hung the flowers on the church pews.

CathysWraps Vases & Doey's Pew CLip

Post Ceremony, we transferred the wedding aisle flowers to the reception and repurposed the wedding aisle décor as reception table centerpieces, decorating the bar area, the powder rooms, the entry way and the cake tables.

CathysWraps Vases & Doey's Pew CLip

It was a Beautiful Day and a very classy wedding. I’ll post the recipe soon explaining how to recreate this just picked look for your wedding flowers or special event.

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How to make a Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece.

3 Gerbera Daisies in green polka dots

What You’ll Need

3 to 5 gerbera daisies and leafs
A 3 inch block of Wet Floral Foam
Floral tape
A pencil
CathysWraps pot and decorative sleeve.

Cut a block of floral foam and trim away any excess.

Step 1: Saturate a block of wet floral foam, let it sink, don’t force it. Trim to fit pot.

Supplies: CathysWraps flower pot and decorative sleeve, floral foam, a bit of moss and flowers.

Step 2. To help flowers absorb water, cut a 1 inch slit in the stem. Because gerbera stems are soft it’s best to make a hole in the foam first with a pencil and gently insert flower into opening.

Arrange the flowers and add a bit of moss. Next drop the pot gently into the CathysWraps decorative sleeve and voilia!

Step 3. Fold CathysWraps sleeve & nestle pot into sleeve. Finish with moss.

Step 4. Tape leaf to trimmed stems with floral tape. Tuck into foam.

3 Gerbera Daisies in green polka dots

And voilà, you have a pretty DIY Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece. What do you think? If you could wish for other decorative wrap colors, what would you like? Was this helpful, why or why not?

P.S. You could also fill a CathyWraps pot with wheatgrass and gerbera daisies, or transplant a 4 inch gerbera plant into the pot. Add a coordinating gift tag and you have a unique gift or party favor.

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Easter Basket ideas for your little bunnies.

cathyswraps¨ vases for weddings parties and gifts

Celebrate Easter with fresh flowers in a sweet little basket!

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