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How to make a Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece.

3 Gerbera Daisies in green polka dots

What You’ll Need

3 to 5 gerbera daisies and leafs
A 3 inch block of Wet Floral Foam
Floral tape
A pencil
CathysWraps pot and decorative sleeve.

Cut a block of floral foam and trim away any excess.

Step 1: Saturate a block of wet floral foam, let it sink, don’t force it. Trim to fit pot.

Supplies: CathysWraps flower pot and decorative sleeve, floral foam, a bit of moss and flowers.

Step 2. To help flowers absorb water, cut a 1 inch slit in the stem. Because gerbera stems are soft it’s best to make a hole in the foam first with a pencil and gently insert flower into opening.

Arrange the flowers and add a bit of moss. Next drop the pot gently into the CathysWraps decorative sleeve and voilia!

Step 3. Fold CathysWraps sleeve & nestle pot into sleeve. Finish with moss.

Step 4. Tape leaf to trimmed stems with floral tape. Tuck into foam.

3 Gerbera Daisies in green polka dots

And voilà, you have a pretty DIY Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece. What do you think? If you could wish for other decorative wrap colors, what would you like? Was this helpful, why or why not?

P.S. You could also fill a CathyWraps pot with wheatgrass and gerbera daisies, or transplant a 4 inch gerbera plant into the pot. Add a coordinating gift tag and you have a unique gift or party favor.


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